Court Guidelines



Paper, scissors, rock determine who starts with the ball on the end baseline. There are no set positions or thirds, players can move around as required, and pass the ball as long as they can. Diving on the ball is also allowed. Players can pass from the sand, or stand in their position before passing the ball. There are to be five players on the court from each team, with two allowed in the goal square at any one time. If playing in a mixed team, one male and one female are allowed in the goal square at any one time and two males on the court at any one time.


Each team has to cross the transverse line before they can score. Once the ball crosses the transverse line it becomes ‘your’ court and can score from within the goal square for 1 point or outside the goal square for 3 points. Anyone can score and you can shoot from anywhere you think you can make the shot. You can pass the ball as often as you need.


Once a team scores a goal the opposing team starts with the ball behind the end goal line. They are required to take the ball down the court and across the transverse line before they can attempt to score themselves. This also applies to an intercept as you can only score once you have crossed the transverse line and gained possession of the court.


Beach netball is one ten minute game, with no break in between. Play will not stop, subs can be made at any time. This also applies to injuries. Play will continue unless the umpire deems it unsafe to continue.