Match Personel

On the Court

All players must wear team gear

Players can wear shorts or sports leggings, netball dresses, socks (no shoes), soft peak hats, sun visors and sunglasses

Players cannot wear shoes or jewellery – play in either bare feet or socks

Equipment and Bibs

Score sheets and match balls will supplied 

Teams are not required to wear bibs (there are no set positions)

Starting Play

Paper, scissors, rock will take place to determine which team starts, throwing in
from the goal baseline

After each goal is scored, a throw in will be taken from the goal baseline by a member of the opposing team

The ball MUST cross the transverse line before the team can take a shot at goal

Subs, Timing and Officials

Each game will be 10 minutes (no half time break)

Umpires and score keepers will be provided

If a player gets injured they MUST be substituted immediately

The clock does not stop for injured players

There will be a five minute break between games

Rolling substitutions to take place 

There is no limit to the number of substitutions that a team can have in a game

End of Game

Once the final whistle is blown each team must exit the court immediately ready for the next round to commence

It is each team’s responsibility to be ready to take the court once the game prior is finished

The side line is for match officials and team substitutes only, BeachNet viewing is around the sand, in the seating area behind the courts or in the upstairs lounge

During semis and finals if the game ends in a draw play is to STOP. Paper, scissors, rock will determine who restarts with the ball on the goal baseline. The next team to score
will be the winner


Match Rules

Normal Netball Rules Apply To

  • Contact
  • Held Ball (3 seconds)
  • Replayed Ball
  • Stepping
  • Obstruction
  • Short Pass
  • Out of Court

On the Court

Teams can have a maximum of five on the court at any one time, with up to five substitute players

Mixed teams can have a MAXIMUM of two males on the court at any one time

Dive Onto the Sand

Players may dive onto the sand to catch a ball on the full or claim possession of the ball on the sand (from own or opposing team) then either play the ball from the ground or stand up and play the ball
Stepping will NOT be called in this instance

Players catching the ball face down on the ground will be allowed to roll onto their back to pass ball

The three second rule applies to both the above


When possession of the ball is turned over the team in possession must play the ball back to the transverse line

A team member must catch or land with the ball with BOTH feet on the sand over the transverse line before continuing play back towards the goal

There will be no stop in play; the team having completed the crossing of the transverse line immediately continues playing the ball 

If a defending player tips or deflects the ball it is not a turnover unless the other team gains possession


All players can shoot goals, but only TWO players from each team can be in the goal area at one time. If playing in a mixed team only one male is to be in the goal square

Goals can be shot from in the ‘goal zone’ for 1 point. Goals shot from the ‘3 pointer zone’ (area between the transverse line and the outside of the goal zone) will be worth 3 points

The umpire will indicate a 1 point goal with one hand raised; a 3 point goal with two hands raised


One horn to start the game

One horn to end the game

Two horns: 30 second warning before each game. Each umpire will then sound their whistle for teams to take the court